October 1, 2010

Day 2 of Diet plan

Day 2 of diet plan progressed well. I was afraid of Day 2 as my greatest challenge for the day was having lunch with my friend but I have to still stick with my diet plan. It was not something that I was looking forward to - I mean the lunch not my friend. I was afraid that I will be trapped by the croissants ,delicious cakes, sandwiches and my favourite Cesar salad....But amazingly it was not that hard actually!

I was squeamish at first when we set down for lunch. We chose a cafe at Bondi and just wanted to spend the afternoon chatting and catching up. So basically we both were not going to have a heavy meal. But the choices on the menu were the standard menu that you will find any where. I was keen to choose the wrap but was not too keen with the dressings. After contemplating for long and when the waitress came by, I mustered my courage and asked if I could design my own wrap fillings. She came back after briefly talking with the manager and she said yes! I was like, wow! My next question was ( I know I should have asked all the questions at one go...but...anyway) , is that going to cost me more than the price that they have stated on the menu. Again she went to ask the cafe manager and came with a strong NO! Wow! Not wanting to be known as the fussy customer, I just went ahead and ordered  wrap with shredded broiled chicken with lettuce, with heaps of carrot and cucumber (thinly sliced) , diced tomatoes and spinach. I didn´t want any dressing but I realised it will be too dry for me to eat it. So I went for the mustard dressing only.

It tasted good! I normally would have had hot chocolate or Mocha along with it but I decided to go for plain cup of coffee with no milk or sugar. It was a really good lunch. I wonder if this "make-your-own" versions of wraps and sandwiches are available at other cafes as well apart from their selections? I was too shy to initiate and ask if that is possible until my friend said, it will mean I would sit and just watch her eat her lunch...lol...or I would have to order whatever the menu had! I am glad I asked. Nothing wrong in asking I suppose. I feel really good that I managed to stick with my healthy diet plan ! Kuddos to me =)

For dinner, I wasn´t specifically feeling too hungry. I had a cup of orange and apple juice with soy linseed bread. I still have oats and oatmeal biscuits or the golden kiwis if I am feeling hungry later on.

But there is another crucial challenge for me tomorrow, that is the trip to Canberra. I´m not sure if I should pack lunch. I was thinking of a simple egg sandwich on a toasted soy linseed bread. Noting the success of what happened today, I am not sure if I should try and attempt to re-create the same situation again. Should I take the risk. I may feel horrible if that was not possible! But also the thought of having to get up so early in the morning say around 4am or so to have it done and packed, makes me cringe.... Ummmm...stay tuned to tomorrow´s blog to know what happens !

Recipe for today:

Brekkie : 1/2 cup oatmeal with 1 tablespoon of dried raisins. 1 cup Green Tea

Lunch : Tortilla wrap with shredded broiled chicken (approx. 2 tablespoon), cucumber and carrots, thinly sliced (approx. 3 table spoon), Lettuce (approx. 3 tablespoon) & diced tomatoes & a spinach with mustard dressing (1 tablespoon) with black coffee (no sugar added)
(please take note that this was ordered from a menu and I requested to specifically have these ingredients in my wrap. As such I am not too sure of the exact amount of ingredients used but from what I got, I assumed according to 1 large tablespoon measurement).

Dinner : 1 large cup of Orange & Apple Juice ( freshly blended - No sugar just water added to the fruits), 1 slice of Soy Linseed Bread & 2 oatmeal biscuits & Rose Tea (No sugar added).

2 days have passed since my start of my diet plan. I have refrained from chocolates, sweet stuff like EasyWay/ 85C Hot Green Tea or having hot chocolate...no cheese so far or snacks or cup noodles. Excellent! Proud of myself for sticking with my plan so far =)

That´s all from me today,
Stay tuned for the 3rd day Diet Plan and have a fabulous Saturday!

September 30, 2010

1st Day - Diet goes well....

I am pleased with myself today. I had stuck to my diet plan and amazingly managed to say NO to Donuts, Chocolates, Yummy Mud Cake, Chips and most of all, I only had 2 cups of coffee so far. I am actually amazed.

The day started off quite late for me today. I only managed to get to bed at 5.30am and I slept all the way till 1pm. I know I have to get back into a good sleeping pattern as well!!! So I missed breakfast, which is the most important meal of day. Darn it! But I still started off the day with a banana and yogurt, went to the gym, came back and had strawberry & blueberry fruit salad. It is very easy to make. Scroll to the bottom to get the recipe. 

I had a big afternoon planned. Shopping for my nephew´s 1st Birthday present.  I headed out to Eastgardens and suddenly I was overwhelmed by the aroma of coffee, grilled cheese, burgers, Indian, Chinese and Japanese food....OMG! I really felt like walking out of the shopping centre. I just couldn´t see myself avoiding all these yummy smelling food.... So I quickly paced myself to Kmart, went stariaght to the toy section and browsed through. Then it was straight to Big W to get myself a few other stuff. Without me realising, I was sandwiched between an aisle that had shelves stocked up with all sorts of chocolates!!!!! It was the most challenging task - to avoid chocolates. You see, chocolates are my weakest point. I suddenly felt the sides of the shelves closing onto me...I had to get out of this place...and I did. I was just too afraid to wander about and so I just headed to the kids section again, got a few more colouring books and darted out. After a few hours darting from Kmart to Target to Big W, making sure to avoid places stocked with food, I managed not to buy any food  or snacks. I realised, I was able to forget about food by just sticking with my errands and smartly avoiding the food sections. But the downside to this was, I spent money buying myself a cute summer sandal, a top and heaps of goodies for my niece and nephew...but I felt good =)

I am now having dinner. Its really simple. I am having roasted eggplant with boiled sweet potato and carrot . and finishing it off is 2 golden kiwis... yummy!....and rose tea....Although the lunch and dinner are not that yummmy sounding, they filled me up. I strangely feel lighter, cos I did not have any meat intake today , just vegetarian. I will digging up more food recipies later on tonite and will post it tomorrow onwards. 

Here are the simple recipie:

Brekkie : 1 Banana  with 1 small tub (175g) of Yoplait Lite Yogurt

Lunch : 6 Fresh Strawberries ( depends on how many you would like) , halved with  1 small cup of blueberries. Just mix them up. You can add green salad to it, but no dressing. Had 1  slice of toasted plain wholemeal bread  (actually I was full , in fact I was trying hard to finish off the bread).

The fruit salad will look like the picture below. (This picture was not taken by me)

Dinner : 1/2 eggplant (roasted), a small 1/4 diced sweet potato(boiled), 1/2 Potato (boiled) , 1/2 Carrot boiled. Mix them all up and enjoy them plain. No dressings again. I actually enjoyed this and did feel full afterwards.

So far the diet plan is going well.....will keep you all posted. The challenge for the next couple of days is trying to stick with my diet while meeting up with friends for lunch and dinner. So yup....stay tuned...


September 29, 2010

Fruits are my new Love

Yes! You heard it right...fruits are my new found love. I love fruits but they were only part of my after lunch or dinner crunchies. But as of today onwards I have embarked on a new adventure, to loose 5kg! Yup, and as soon as possible as well. So as from today onwards, I will start on a high fruits intake diet, that will mostly contain in a juice form. I may decide to make it as a ice cold non fat, no sugar smoothie, if the weather keeps getting hotter.

Rewinding to episodes that occurred few days ago before coming to this drastic measures. Well during the weekend escapade with a couple of my friends and enjoying myself the delicacies presented in Sydney Surry Hills suburb, I felt myself on a heavier side. I weighed my self only to realise that I had gained 4kg!!!!! OMG!!! I am sure that was not the result of the weekend spree of indulging myself but it was an outcome of me having to indulge myself in too much of carb intake and very less exercise. I was really active with my running and heading to the gym, but the past month, I had been so stressed with my work and research , I totally gave in to every cravings I had. My cravings are huge and I always go for food that has high sugar and fat in it regardless what my mind says, I just gulp it down. Now I am paying the price for slacking off....

So now that you had a quick preview of what had lead to this drastic measure, this is what I am going to do. For the next few days to weeks, I will be posting yummy fruit and vege combo salads, juice and smoothies recipies that I had gotten out from the web or friends or family, give it a try and rate them on this blog. If you like, you can give it a try yourself and give comments on how it went.

Of course the first few days is to detox myself, which will mean heaps of green tea and munching on fruits and exercise. But after a couple of days, I will slowly add crabs to it, like wholegrain/multi grain bread, just toasted no butter added, along with a a single serve of a small tub yogurt for brekkie and than fruit -juice added with beetroot or celeries through out teh day and for dinner back to what I had for Brekkie.Once I have lost the 5kg off my weight, I will slowly add on a protein to diet.

I have to let all know, who are reading this, you do need to substitute the loss of essential vitamins through taking Multi Vitamin pills and please do not starve yourself. Whenever you feel too hungry, it is okie to have broiled chicken, tuna from the can with your wholegrain bread. I am only going to follow this diet for the next 2 weeks with exercise to lose the 5kg and be back on a much healthier food plan that will be within the 1800 cal/day.

You should not follow a fruit only diet as a long term diet plan!!!!!

So good luck to me and good luck to those who wish to try the recopies that I post year for the next few days....