November 8, 2011

Shopping for Christmas Presents!

Its that time of the year where you are busy writing down a huge Santa list to figure out who gets what. I normally start writing my list in the middle of Oct. I know, its early but hey, by the time I finish writing the list, it will be 2 weeks into November. You see, writing the list who I need to get Christmas Pressies are more of a challenge then getting a present for them. I have to make sure that I have got all, from family to friends and some extras, just in case I am invited to more then 1 Christmas Party and I need to bring present that is " not more than $10"....

Christmas Presents...Here are some tips that I have learnt from my past mistakes. Firstly, don't get T-shirts or Clothes unless its your best friend and you know his or her size exactly. Otherwise, why waste time sourcing a nice dress or tops only to see your friends get them exchanged cos they did not like the colour or they just couldn't fit or found your taste in fashion quiet unacceptable/comfortable. So stay away from clothing.

Secondly, avoid fragrances, unless you are 110% sure that that is what the person whom you are getting it for wanted. But again, its best to leave fragrances out of the Christmas Present List. Its simple, the smell that you most adore may not be someone else's favourite. Also, avoid those body bath, shampoo and all in one toiletries baskets. I remember a friend of mine got me this expensive toiletries basket from Paddington London. But she got them in Lavender & I don't like Lavender smell. Some how it sets off my migraine. I would have appreciated and used it with a grin of it was in Rose or Lily but not lavender. So I had to give it away as a Birthday present to another friend ( who does not have any association with the friend who gave it to me!), for sure I know she will love it cos she loves Lavender.

Finally, avoid giving the obvious, such as things that they like a lot. Obviously, they would already have it and probably someone else might be having the same thoughts of buying it for them. Unless its a designer collection, only 10 pieces in the world or something that you designed and had it made in what ever or which ever way that will be enjoyed by the person.

So what can you give? I learned that, being neutral and simple is the best, especially for friends. The harder I try and get them the blings or something fancy, they always exchange them for something they actually like. So I started investing in Gift Cards. Not only they are simple and they come in heaps of varieties, there is something for everyone. It also allows the person to go for after Christmas shopping and spoil themselves buying what they really wanted. There are ranges of Gift Cards for Spas, Mani & Pedi, Toys, Travel Vouchers, books, IT stuff, shoes, fashion, jewellery, dine & wine and many more. You can get spoilt for choices. Also, they come in affordable prices, as low as $20 - as high as $1000 or more. So basically the choice is yours. You can even buy them online and have them email the link to friends email ID. this is good especially if these Gift Cards/Vouchers can be used internationally. Thus, having to send Christmas Gifts to family & friends who are overseas can be a breeze.

I have a bunch of close girlfriends whom I see every year for Christmas. Since I was living in Sydney the past 6 years, the only time I was back home was for Christmas. So I always make it a point to meet up with my girlfriends and we dine & enjoy chatting. always we end up opening presents and squealing like little girls. As I am always busy having to buy last minute souvenirs for home and family friends, I hardly can buy gifts and fit them in my luggage, considering I am only allowed a maximum of 20kg luggage allowance. Thus, this gives me very little time to do any shopping back home as well. So, I became a Online Shopping Addict. Online shopping has pretty good ideas that can be bought and delivered to the address you wish. Also, it allows you to work within your budget.

Here are some products that I am considering purchasing online this year:

Handy cosmetic mirror with LED lights.

It is cheap and it is something that every gal wants to keep in her handbag to make sure she looks good all time all day long. You can get them from eBay, selective UK stores and at Alibaba. The good thing about this is, it comes in various colours, shapes, designs and even rhinestone crystal encrusted for that Diva look. It is prices between $15 - a lavish $45. 

The House of Fraser sells it for £ 22.00 that comes in animal prints as well. Check their website:

This is a neutral gift that can't go wrong.

The other gift that I am going to shop online is Jewellery Stand. I know my sister in laws, Aunts, even some of my girl friends have heaps of fashion jewellery that are cluttered in their jewellery boxes. I, myself often have to spend like 10 mins to rattle through my jewellery boxes to get the matching earrings and such. So this can be  a perfect neutral gift that can be a good ornament and user friendly as well.

There are so many different styles that you can choose from. Again, you can get them from eBay Australia, Amazon and many other online stores. 

adventurous type, why not get them a Contigo Sports Bottle w/ Key & Money Compartment ( It is selling for $30 (not inclusive of shipment). It is a drink bottle that acts as a key/money holder. Great for guys who loves to go to the Gym or rock climbing or trekking. 

For a guy who is neat freak or an organised person or who often forgets their stuff, why not get them this cute Doororganiser. All they have to do is drop in their phone, keys, car keys, pen, wallet and anything else they need to bring along to their work and hang it on their bedroom door knob. So before he dashes out, all he has  to do is, get all that stuff out and put it into his brief case or his pockets.

 Whats' more, they are not that big, so he can actually have it work as his in bag organiser as well. So he just takes them out of the door knob and puts it into his bag. It is priced at $27 ( shipment price not included).

So you see, for a guy, think of his personality and you can choose a good Christmas present for him.

Well, I am still sourcing out websites for more better & interesting ideas. And if I do come across any, I will post it in this blog.

As for the websites, please be aware that they are not dodgy, go for the ones that are specialised in online shopping or the ones that recommended by others or even the well known online stores like Harrods or David Jones and so on.. Always read the reviews of the products as it will give you rough idea of the seller, the shipment, the product and so on. I always trust eBay as it is globally recognised and it rates its seller. I always check their 1 year status and reviews before I decide on buying from them. Also, I always look out for the Return Policies. read the fine lines too.

So happy shopping online and have grand fun making others smile for this Christmas.