April 26, 2011

Happy Easter...

It amazes me how a long weekend can pass by so quickly. Before you realise that you are enjoying the good times with family and friends, it's ending...sadly, for many, long weekends are squeezed with so many activities, by the end of the holiday, everyone is tired .

For me, I love long weekends. It is the time where I can sit back, relax and enjoy some quiet fun moments. I love venturing out, but the excitement of any holiday only creeps in a day or 2 later. Why? Cos, to me, I need a good rest to actually enjoy a day out or a weekend out. So I normally start to off the evening before the long weekend to relax, enjoy a magazine read, good TV programs or a movie a nice dinner with the family. The next day is dedicated to finishing household chores that had been pending. Normally, it will be a day for laundry, sewing on torn hems or missing buttons, ironing, cleaning my room and so on. Not a happy scene but I rather have these done before my full enjoyment starts, than after I return from my holidays. The frustration sets in right after any holidays, cos you know that you have to either return to studies or work, which means little or no time for self indulgence. To add to this woe of frustrations, household chores is the last thing you want to finish. As such, I would rather do these mundane chores right before my holiday. Some how, the feeling of frustration is not there when I decide to do these before than after.

Once those has been done and set aside...ahhhh..holiday's fun truly starts. It can be a blissful one with just family or friends, heading out to bistros, cafes or restaurants to enjoy food, chat and laugh off the tiredness. Or it can be a day out to the nearest attractions, shows or musicals. I rather keep it simple. I love road trips, but not on every long weekends. It becomes less fun, something common after some time. I rather keep them for a longer holiday trip, well planned and truly enjoy it. On a shorter weekends,  I rather  like to take the time to catch up with family, friends or just with myself. Do my hair, manicure/pedicure ( I prefer pedi to mani...), a massage, window shopping, cafes, cakes and stuff like that. It makes me happy to just chill and enjoy things I like. Even at times, I stay home and enjoy a cup of coffee with my favourite music playing in the background and reading a gossip magazine or a good book. I never feel that the day has been wasted. It adds on to a simplistic enjoyment.

When I was in Sydney, I often take long walks to the beach, Coogee mainly, and sit at the cafe there enjoying the sound of the waves or bring along a small rug, set myself on a nice quite place on the beach, enjoy the people around me, enjoy the book, sand and the sea...awesome relaxation. I return back to work feeling refreshed and ready to go, unlike my fellow mates, who often complain they never had enough time to unwind themselves...that's cos they had squeezed in way too many activities within a 4 day weekend holiday...!!!

Well in Singapore, only Good Friday is a public Holiday and so the weekend was a 3 day weekend. I ended up catching up on DC Cupcakes, NCIS Season 7, went to Starbucks to get my Green Tea Frap and did some window shopping...simple but awesomely good...

So how was your long weekend ?...