December 8, 2011

Do you have passion for Life?

If u had asked this question to me years back, I would have told you that I seriously do not know or understand the phrase “Passion for Life”. It is not a phrase that anyone will simply say or admit to. It’s a phrase that you tend to only ponder when you are at your darkest and desperate moments in life or when something really good happens.

Passion as defined is “boundless enthusiasm" and the artistic definition of Life is “the physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence”. Which when put together spells out one need to appreciate what they have, how they notice, welcome and enjoy what is happening to them in their Life.

Life by its own is simple yet complex but it has its moments when at times unknown pleasant surprises are dusted upon us to give it a sudden sparkle. But most of the time, we bypass these seeming less sparkles as it loses its colour within the boundaries of our busy life. We are so materialistic and less appreciative of the simplest moments that we tend to ignore and call out to the far horizon hoping what you want comes to you. Sadly it doesn’t. We forget to optimize what we have now and enjoy the precious gifts of everything around us and thus the passion for life fades and dies.

We are so busy seeking passion in our lives in all the wrong places that we forget that they already exist in our lives. Being a normal ordinary person, I tend to ignore the small gifts in life and always look beyond for all those familiar wanting. Shame on me but hey, I am no saint either. But I have been my own enemy by forgoing on all those "might haves" and "could haves" opportunities. I have at times stupidly kept wanting special things to happen when they were already there but I was just too busy not to notice them and grab hold of the opportunities. But I am consciously starting to court Life’s precious moments, like the beautiful smile on my niece’s face, friends who are there when I truly need them, family’s love and support for me that never dies but keeps on multiplying and of course Life’s many challenges, opportunities and adventures.

So if you ask me now, I will say, Yes! I do have passion for Life and constantly seek to make it stronger each day. But being an ordinary person with more then ordinary desires, I do embarrassingly succumb to the daily chores and busy schedule that stops me to appreciate and hold on to the passion for my life.